Definition of Municipality:

  1. Elected local government body having corporate status and limited self-governance rights, and serving a specific political unit such as a town or city.

  2. A city or town that has corporate status and local government.

Synonyms of Municipality

Stadt, Bailiwick, Banlieue, Boom town, Borough, Bourg, Bureau, Burg, Burgh, City, Commissariat, Constablery, Constablewick, Constabulary, Conurbation, Department, District, Exurb, Exurbia, Faubourg, Ghost town, Greater city, Market town, Megalopolis, Metropolis, Metropolitan area, Ministry, Office, Outskirts, Polis, Secretariat, Sheriffalty, Sheriffwick, Shrievalty, Spread city, Suburb, Suburbia, Town, Township, Urban complex, Urban sprawl, Urbs, Village, Ville, Borough, Town, City, District, Administrative division

How to use Municipality in a sentence?

  1. When I decided to split up my parcel of land I had to present my plan and all pertaining documents to my city municipality .
  2. To cut costs, our municipality has decided to combine police departments with three other towns of similar size that immediately border it.
  3. Voters in each municipality choose between four candidates.
  4. The Balassoco company works as the towns municipality , which makes local elections interesting as I feel awkward as a non-patron.

Meaning of Municipality & Municipality Definition