Mungunzá Salgado

Mungunzá Salgado

How to make a shade floor?

منز â¡ سالگادو


* 500 man to 01 storey pack

* 01 Calabria sausage in rodels

* 01 Pie on Tubgan

* 500 grams of desalinated pork ribs

* 500 grams of dried beef

* Match the temp according to the budget

* Color according to taste

* 01 chopped onion

* 5 cut teeth

* 02 tablespoons of butter (soup)

* Salt and pepper

How to prepare

The first cloacam or manze de mole at night, be gentle.

a) Heat butter in a pan and add ai with onion and flour in the form of meat mixture and at room temperature.

well. Taste well and add water to 2 or limited meats

it. Let it cook for about 30 minutes

5. Lift the egoda or manzi and more caves for cooking

6. If necessary, collect water or where the mixed grains are soft. Cooker

7. Don't forget to fix or sell the kingdom.

.................................................. ............................................ ..... ..

منز ¡ سالگادو


01 min; or Kenjiukinha 500 gram pack

Calabria language in 500 Rodillas

Put 300 grams in chopped air

500 grams of pork ribs

500 g of dried salted meat

Eat fresh

1 bay leaf

5 hot tomatoes

2 tablespoons extra tomato paste soup

Cooked green beans 300 g of semolina or broth

200 g of olive oil

01 chopped onion

5 chopped dent

02 tablespoons (soup) butter

1 smells of green corn

Salt and pepper

Preparation mode

Cloacam or Manze de Mole overnight, just be gentle.

Heat the butter in a frying pan, and add or fry the onion and marinated meat, such as temporary and chopped tomatoes, or tomato paste.

Rub olive oil or chop laurel and keep filling.

Add water and limited amount of meat and spices well. Cook over a cold heat for about 30 minutes.

Now spicy or delicious but instead of cave cave for cooking. If needed, build cave buildings everywhere or pave in soft floors. Don't forget to fix or sell the state and keep the spice.

If you like it, use 2 broths in hot water just for serving or cooking.

Serve very hot with green aroma.

.................................................. ...... ..................................... . . . . . . . . . . .

Covenant of Solido with the Charter of Democracy

300 grams homini neck

2 (soup) margarine

1 (Tea) Coconut milk

Salt, pepper, royalty and flavor

1 clove, chopped,

1 Kitty Bait


700 grams of cod torn, clean and in pieces


100 grams of bacon in large cubes

The kingdom of pepper comes at a price

1 chopped clove,

1 minced meat bait

Leave to exchange cells for 24 RA. After this time, cook in a pressure cooker until soft. Track and book. Eat betel, cook with margarine and bring to a boil with onions or or all. Then add it and cook for a minute. Add salt, pepper and nutmeg or season. Mix well and cook for 5 minutes. Remove and store the acid.


Sow the oil and do not refuse. Add the codfish or bacon or fry until crispy. When the chicken and pepper season. Remove from fog. Promote our dish or munzi or prepare from the Charter of Democracy. To introduce


منز á سالگادو


01 500 gram coin box

01 Calabria language in Rhodes

01 Get on Tobago

500 grams of desalinated pork ribs

500 g of dried salted meat

Tempe was added to taste

I get the color of taste

01 chopped onion

5 chopped dent

02 tablespoons (soup) butter

Salt and pepper

How to prepare

Clochem or Manzol Mol from day to day, to soften it.

Heat the butter in a frying pan, and mix with the onions and cooked meat and grate as a color.

Taste well and add as much water as the meat

Cook for about 30 minutes

Now sharp or manz; and place, but cooking l.

As needed, cook on soft whole grains in different whole caves or on the stove

Don't make plans to repair or sell the state and spice it up.

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Once in the water, and a thousand and salt, put everything in a pressure cooker or kitchen for 20 minutes !!!!!!

Mungunzá Salgado