What is The Definition of Multiple?

  1. Numerous initiatives are aspects of a company's financial well-being that are determined by dividing one initiative into another. Matrix is ​​a quantitative tool that measures a company's performance. The number metric is usually greater than the denominator. Investors use multiples to measure a company's growth, productivity and performance. They use multiples to compare companies and find the best investment opportunities.

    • Some corporate welfare measures compare the two metrics that are often combined.
    • Investors typically rely on two methods of valuing the stock: one based on cash flow and one based on performance measurements.
    • The most common multiple-value (P / E) used in stock valuation is multiple.
    • Business Value (EV) is a common performance method used to calculate different types of multiplication, such as: B. EV / Pre-Interest Interest and Tax (EBIT) and EV / Sales Multiplication.

Meanings of Multiple

  1. A number that can be divided by another number in which there is no remainder.

  2. Terminal management that allows one to connect to the circuit at one of the many locations.

  3. These include many parties, elements or members.

Sentences of Multiple

  1. 15, 20 or the second multiplication of five

  2. Double capture

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Performance metrics


Definition of Multiple:

  • Multiple measures are aspects of a company's financial well-being that are determined by dividing one measure by another. Matrix is ​​a quantitative tool that measures a company's performance. Geometric metrics are usually larger than the dominator. Investors use multipliers to measure a company's growth, profitability and performance. They use multiplication to compare companies and find the best investment opportunities.

    • Some measure of corporate well-being by comparing two metrics that are often shared with each other.
    • Investors typically rely on two diagnostic metrics for stocks: one based on cash flow and the other based on performance metrics multipliers.
    • One of the most used in stock valuation is Multiple Auto Earnings (P / E).
    • Enterprise Value (EV) is a performance measure that is used to calculate different types of multiplication, such as: B. EV on interest and tax income (ET) and EV on interest and tax sales (ET).

Meanings of Multiple

  1. Contains multiple parts, elements or members.

  2. A number that you can divide as much as you want, no rest.

  3. A store that has branches in many places, especially one that sells a certain type of product.

Sentences of Multiple

  1. Multiply by 15, 20 or five.

  2. Too much food


Multiple: What is the Meaning of Multiple?

  • James Chen, CMT, is an experienced trader, investment advisor and global market strategist. He is the author of John Wiley & Sons' books on trade and technology and has been a visiting researcher at CNBC, Bloomberg TV, Forbes and Reuters, among other financial companies.

    • Multiples measure the well-being of a company by comparing two metrics that are often shared with each other.
    • Investors typically rely on two valuation metrics for stocks: one based on cash flow and the other based on performance metrics.
    • The most used multiple in stock valuation is Eto Earnings Multiple (P / E).
    • Enterprise Value (EV) is a measure of performance that is used to calculate a variety of multiples, such as: B. Interest and Tax Revenue (ET) and Interest and Tax Revenue (ET) EV.

Meanings of Multiple

  1. Contains or accompanies multiple parts, elements or members.

  2. A number that you can divide as many as you want, do not leave the rest.

Sentences of Multiple

  1. Double occupation

  2. A lot of food