Multiple Parent Captive

Multiple Parent Captive,

Definition of Multiple Parent Captive:

  1. Definition of Multiple Parent Captive: See synonyms important term captive group

Literal Meanings of Multiple Parent Captive


Meanings of Multiple:
  1. Many parties, elements or members may or may not be involved.

  2. A number that can be divided by the remainder without any remaining numbers.

  3. Terminal arrangements that allow connection to the circuit at one of the different locations.

Sentences of Multiple
  1. Double work

  2. 15, 20 or more than five


Meanings of Parent:
  1. Father or mother

  2. Be a parent of (the child) or act with them

Sentences of Parent
  1. The bride's parents

  2. All children are special to their parents

Synonyms of Parent

mother, raise, bring up, take care of, be the parent of, father, rear, nurture, look after


Meanings of Captive:
  1. A person who has been caught or an animal has been trapped.

  2. Blocked or blocked.

Sentences of Captive
  1. The policeman handcuffed the detainee

  2. Prisoners of war are kept on the property

Synonyms of Captive

detainee, convict, confined, caged, locked up, prisoner, penned up, inmate, incarcerated