Multiple Line

Multiple Line,

What Does Multiple Line Mean?

  1. The general term refers to fire and loss insurance. Multi-line companies will issue auto, fire, health, commercial, shipowners, home, personal fire and theft insurance.

Literal Meanings of Multiple Line


Meanings of Multiple:
  1. A number that can be divided by another number that has no remainder.

  2. Arranging a terminal that allows connection to the circuit at one of several locations.

  3. These include many parties, elements or members.

Sentences of Multiple
  1. 15, 20 or the second multiplication of five

  2. Double capture


Meanings of Line:
  1. Stand or take breaks all the time.

  2. Mark or cover with a line.

  3. Line reader access.

  4. A long, narrow mark or line

  5. A piece of rope, rope, wire or other material used for a specific purpose.

  6. Horizontal lines of written or printed words.

  7. A series of people or things.

  8. Activity area or area of ​​activity.

  9. Integrated military fieldwork or a series of defenses against enemy forces.

  10. Cover the inner surface (box or clothing) with another layer.

Sentences of Line
  1. Street procession full of people waving flags

  2. Deep lines mark your face

  3. A series of dots at close distances looks like a solid line

  4. Take off the clothes and hang them on the rope

  5. Move the cursor over a line and press the delete key

  6. Rows of acolytes walking down the aisle

  7. Specific limits of your profession

  8. Attack behind enemy lines

Synonyms of Line

wrinkle, rim, field, cable, position, job, formation, activity, walk of life, employment, disposition, string, occupation, pucker, filament, backed, front, business, score, rope, mark with lines, firing line, crease, day job, corrugate, edge