Multiple-line Policy

Multiple-line Policy,

What is The Meaning of Multiple-line Policy?

  1. Multiple-line Policy means, A package that combines property insurance coverage and traditional liability.

Literal Meanings of Multiple-line Policy


Meanings of Multiple:
  1. Many parties, elements or members may or may not be involved.

  2. A number that can be distributed without any remaining numbers.

  3. Terminal arrangements that allow connection to the circuit at one of the different locations.

Sentences of Multiple
  1. Double work

  2. 15, 20 or more than five


Meanings of Line:
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Sentences of Line
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Synonyms of Line

rim, vocation, wrinkle, occupation, activity, rule, calling, job, fringe, edge, bar, skirt, furrow, cable, mark with lines, twine, dash, wire, line of work, employment, cord, covered, cover with lines, firing line, disposition, day job, profession


Meanings of Policy:
  1. A code of conduct or practice that is adopted or proposed by any government, party, company or individual.

Sentences of Policy
  1. Controversial economic policy administration

Synonyms of Policy

system, attitude, intentions, scheme, strategy, approach, notions, programme, stratagem, plans, stance, position, guidelines, schedule, line, blueprint, code, theory, proposed action