Multiple indemnity

Multiple indemnity,

Definition of Multiple indemnity:

  1. A clause stating that the benefits provided by a certain policy will be multiplied by a certain percentage if the peril happens in a specified way, for example, double indemnity on a property insurance policy in the case of arson.

Meaning of Multiple indemnity & Multiple indemnity Definition

Multiple Indemnity,

Multiple Indemnity:

  • Definition of Multiple Indemnity: A life insurance policy that pays a certain amount of face value (such as 100 or 200%) in the event of a policyholder's death due to a specific type of accident.

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Meanings of Multiple:
  1. A number that can be divided by another number in which no one is left.

  2. Terminal management that allows one to connect to the circuit at one of the many locations.

  3. These include many parties, elements or members.

Sentences of Multiple
  1. 15, 20 or the second multiplication of five

  2. Double capture


Meanings of Indemnity:
  1. Security or protection from loss or other financial burden.

Sentences of Indemnity
  1. Money loss is not compensated

Synonyms of Indemnity

security, protection, insurance, warranty, safeguard, indemnification, endorsement, guarantee, surety