Definition of Multimedia:

  1. (of art, education, etc.) using more than one medium of expression or communication.

  2. The use of a variety of artistic or communicative media.

  3. Integration of animation, audio, graphics, text, and full-motion video through computer hardware and software for education, entertainment, or training.

How to use Multimedia in a sentence?

  1. A multimedia art form.
  2. Making sure your company has a good quality multimedia department base will allow for a better presentation to your customers.
  3. Hollywood has been taken by storm by the multimedia industry, today animation and graphics, combined with text and/or videos can be seen in the same movie to enhance the effect on the customer, and tell the story in a different way than ever before.
  4. The Turn is a vast project, which encompasses music, video and multimedia.
  5. I had to install a new multimedia player in order to watch the movie I had downloaded on the net.

Meaning of Multimedia & Multimedia Definition

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