Definition of Multiculturalism:

  1. The presence of, or support for the presence of, several distinct cultural or ethnic groups within a society.

  2. Celebrating human diversity by willingly promoting legal, political, and social recognition of cultural, ethnic, linguistic, and religious differences.

How to use Multiculturalism in a sentence?

  1. One aspect about my childrens high school that I really appreciated was the multiculturalism found there, with fifty-seven languages represented within the student body.
  2. The United States is an epicenter of multiculturalism as its history is deeply routed in welcoming immigrants from all nations and allowing them to maintain their cultural practices without persecution.
  3. On her first trip to America, Yvonne was surprised by the number of different ethnic enclaves in New York City and impressed by the Big Apples multiculturalism .
  4. Our commitment to the values of multiculturalism.

Meaning of Multiculturalism & Multiculturalism Definition