Multi-line Era

Multi-line Era,

Multi-line Era: What is the Meaning of Multi-line Era?

  1. In the first half of the 20th century, insurance companies could insure property or liabilities, but not both. Liability insurance and property damage insurance require two insurers, for example, under a system called a mixed policy. Shortly after World War II, states began to allow insurance companies to adopt both types of insurance, beginning the era of multiple insurance.

Literal Meanings of Multi-line Era


Meanings of Multi:
  1. Too much.

Sentences of Multi
  1. Miscellaneous


Meanings of Line:
  1. Long, narrow mark or band.

  2. A piece of rope, rope, wire or other material that serves a specific purpose.

  3. Horizontal line of written or printed word

  4. Too many people or things.

  5. Activity field or area.

  6. A series of continuous fieldwork or military defenses against enemy forces.

  7. Standing or standing from time to time.

  8. Mark or cover with a line.

  9. Target the line reader.

Sentences of Line
  1. At close distances, a series of dots look like solid lines

  2. Take off your clothes and hang them on the rope

  3. Move the cursor over a line and press the Delete button

  4. A line of maids came down the hall

  5. Specific limits of your profession

  6. Attacks behind enemy lines

  7. The procession route is connected with those who raise the flag

Synonyms of Line

walk of life, front line, cable, crease, occupation, skirt, filament, vocation, wire, wrinkle, score, backed, bar, disposition, profession, work, business, crinkle, corrugate, rim, border, field, pursuit, career, job, edge, day job, hem


Meanings of Era:
  1. Long and isolated periods of history with certain characteristics.

  2. Average race won.

  3. Change in the equation.

Sentences of Era
  1. His death was the end of an era

Synonyms of Era

aeon, epoch, age, period, time, span