Multi-Factor Model

Multi-Factor Model,

What is The Meaning of Multi-Factor Model?

  1. A multi-factory model is a financial model that uses a number of factors in its calculations to explain market phenomena and / or the equilibrium value of assets. A multifactorial model can be used to define a single security or security portfolio. This is done by comparing two or more factors to analyze the relationship between variable and consequent performance.

    • The multifactorial model is a financial modeling strategy that uses a number of factors to analyze and define asset prices.
    • The multifactorial model shows the factors that have the greatest impact on asset prices.
    • Multifactorial portfolios can be created using a variety of methods: intersection, fusion and layout modeling.
    • Security Beta meets the regular security risk in the market.
    • FamFrach's three-factor model is a popular tool based on an asset pricing model that focuses exclusively on market risk factors and takes into account account size and value factors.

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