Mulct Meanings:

  • Fine or financial sanctions, or verbally cheating or cheating someone with money, or punishing someone with a fine, from the Latin word in the right and proper words.

Meanings of Mulct

  1. Refund (from someone) by fine or pledge.

  2. Payment of fines or liability.

Sentences of Mulct

  1. No government dares to propose harm to taxpayers for this purpose

  2. The first offense carries a penalty of up to one year in prison and a fine of up to 3,000.

Synonyms of Mulct

imposition, delude, lead on, bluff, cheat, forfeit , swindle , deceive , gull, swindle, tariff, assessment, toll, steal , tax, defraud, duty, outwit, take in, double-cross, penalize , mislead, finagle