Definition of MSN:

  1. Microsoft Network.

  2. Master of Science in Nursing.

  3. Acronym for the Microsoft Network. The network includes web-based programs and services offered by Microsoft Corporation. MSN offers a range of services including news, search engines, user-driven forums, instant messaging, e-mail, and services to connect to the internet. Microsoft Windows users are able to synchronize their computer system with online services offered as a method of centrally organizing and managing tasks.

How to use MSN in a sentence?

  1. Most individuals are familiar with programs such and Word and Excel, but dont know how often you see MSN being used in the daily lives of people.
  2. Most people today are familiar with MSN so if you want your new workers to have a quick learning curve you should use that.
  3. Using MSN for all of your computers will keep everyone up to date on the current software and be able to perform different tasks.

Meaning of MSN & MSN Definition