Definition of MSN:

  1. Microsoft Network

  2. Master of Science in Nursing.

  3. Abbreviation for Microsoft Network. The network includes programs and web services provided by Microsoft Corporation. MSN offers a variety of services, including news, search engine, user-oriented forums, instant messaging, email and internet connection services. Microsoft Windows users can synchronize their computer systems with online services that offer centralized and organized tasks.

How to use MSN in a sentence?

  1. Most people are familiar with programs like Word and Excel, but do not know how many times MSN is used in daily life.
  2. Most people today are familiar with MSN. So, if you want your new employee to depend on instant learning, use it.
  3. Using MSN for all your computers, everyone will be up to date with the latest software and can perform multiple tasks.

Meaning of MSN & MSN Definition