Is it safe to buy music?

ITunes gets really boring because it's true, I always lose my purchase and it becomes a nightmare. I wanted to buy music on Amazon, but a friend suggested I try it once. I checked their website and they are very cheap and they have a lot of options. I also download music for free and the music quality is very good. I usually take photos.

However, do you suspect that their music is so cheap? I see that it is not like lime wire, which only charges. Is it safe for them to buy music with a credit card? Do I have a virus on my computer? Do you think it's safe?

If you are going to buy MP3, I recommend buying Zune P. You can get unlimited music on your XBOX 360 or computer (up to three) for 15 months BS and get 10 music credits / month on MP3s from Zune Marketplace. . The best part is that MP3 can be uploaded to any mp3 player. All you need to do is transfer your Windows Media Player (not Zune) to your MP3 player because Zune software only works with Windows Pne and Zune devices.

This is definitely the best deal I can find and I like Amazon's MP3 Store, but Zone P is a great deal in my opinion.

Try Aumio, I've been using it for 3 years and have never caught a virus. The songs are all high quality, so they look much better than what you pull from YouTube. Sign up using the link below and get 2 free downloads to try.

Look for millions of mp3s. I've been using it for a while, but one day I found out that all my money was gone and it looks like someone hacked into my account and put a lot of money in my name. I contacted you but got no response yet. Give friends a chance. I'll let you know if things change.

Millions of MP3s

I immediately added $ 50 to my main card. I have never received money credit in my account. Fight credit card companies right now. Too bad attention !!!



That doesn't seem to be true

Great question, for example, we get a great answer.

Personally, I do not trust this site. I just downloaded a song from YouTube, it's free.

I recommend loading something like a limoware or beershire. This is music software and you can do it for free :) but it helps :)