Mp3 Rocket

Mp3 Rocket

When I open Rocket mp3, an error message appears (jarfile lib / MP3rocket not accessible) 10 points to help me !?

Hello, I am responsible for this closure, I want to know how to solve this problem but I looked here because one day, one day, I know the same problem and I will try ... How I managed to explain!

1 Install PO or MP3rocket and any Java on your computer.

2 Go to the PO system file

3 Go to the PO Trash and delete, immediately after, restart the PC.

Installation 4 PO or MP3rocket (Java indicated during installation) and restart installation or Java, or download or Java browser opens

Within 5 POs

Attention ==== To download or open the browser for Java, © pq can or MP3rocket ± Download Download or get Java, in Java Pa, it will be several dollar options, download ua as I agree Your system must be either 32t or 64t, case either 32t windows offline (32t), old case 64t, windows offline (64t) when the installation must be completed or to reinstall java or MP3rocket To reinstall, download another Java soon MP3rocket or leave it and it works!

Do you have Java in your computer? Install and reinstall, do it or even with mp3 rocket.

Mp3 Rocket