Mouth Corner Dimples

Mouth Corner Dimples

Have you ever noticed a light in the corner under someone's mouth?

I actually have it !! But there is nothing else on his right cheek

Dimples are usually caused by malfunction / tight muscles and, as the cheeks look good, more and more people have dimples.

If it's the same here

Hahahahaha !!! I have a friend named George! It has a tail in the corner of its mouth. Hahaha that's funny too! Your smile is so cute crazy! It's like this !!!!!!!!!!!! Ah, I think I should meet other people. Personally, I wonder why he likes it so dumb, so cute. Maybe it's just me, but yes, I've met other people, so don't feel weird. You are not the only man! :))) So don't feel left out and don't know it. And I bet they look beautiful! Good? X]

Hahaha, you're not alone, I love it too ...

Do you have Wow ... small world: D

Mouth Corner Dimples