Motos Mais Economicas

Motos Mais Economicas

Which 250cc bike is more efficient?

Good night.

Really good media .. Now go 28 to 30 km .. More inland than Syria

Can this engine be durable? That's fine - peas like they already spend more

This test model .. if not im melr ©?

Here you enter the L 250 250/300 for a more economical engine with Yamaha fuel injection.

This is allowed ...

Good luck .. taking care and know how to play the game motoka sà joy very fun ..

I'm sure Fajr has progressed to do a lot, but you get away with being prepared by asphalt, because of course it also helps a very fast growing economy ...

Dude, it's up to you

Hello Boom!

It will help you:

Like a motorcycle, but expensive it is ridiculous:

Artificial faces and © © OK but Machiavelli, who gave others the same kind.

Do 250 cc, facing the middle of the country

Motos Mais Economicas

Motos Mais Economicas

Truth be told, the OV never fails on a 250cc bike, but the actual one goes up to 30km / L. If your bike works, it's all on one liter of fuel, a good term. Most people who own this homeless motorcycle will fail at an average of 22-25 km / l.

Your goal © © So miraculous, not my Twitter for 23 km!

Are you sure your motorcycle is 250? You must have a CG ....

Motos Mais Economicas