Definition of Motor:

  1. A machine, especially one powered by electricity or internal combustion, that supplies motive power for a vehicle or for some other device with moving parts.

  2. Concerned with or involving muscular movement.

  3. Giving, imparting, or producing motion or action.

  4. Driven by a motor.

  5. Device that converts electrical or other energy into mechanical energy or imparts motion.

  6. Travel in a motor vehicle, typically a car or a boat.

Synonyms of Motor

Kinetic, Driving, Impelling, Propelling, Propulsive, Operative, Moving, Motor, Hurtle, Speed, Career, Shoot, Streak, Sweep, Hare, Fly, Wing, Apparatus, Appliance, Instrument, Tool, Utensil, Device, Unit, Contraption, Contrivance, Gadget, Mechanism, Engine, Motor, Lever, Pulley, Active, Aeromotor, Alembic, Anvil, Appliance, Arc-jet engine, Auto, Autocar, Automobile, Axial-flow turbojet, Bicycle, Bike, Boat, Buggy, Bus, Caldron, Cam engine, Car, Catch a train, Charioteer, Chauffeur, Convenience, Crate, Crucible, Cycle, Drive, Driving, Engine, Enginery, Entrain, Facility, Fixture, Gas jet, Go by rail, Heap, Impelling, Impulse duct engine, In motion, Inverted engine, Jalopy, Joyride, Lathe, Machine, Machinery, Make a train, Mechanical aid, Mechanical device, Mechanism, Melting pot, Mobile, Mortar, Motile, Motivational, Motive, Motive power, Motor vehicle, Motorcar, Motorcycle, Motorized vehicle, Moving, Pancake engine, Pedal, Pilot, Piston engine, Power plant, Power source, Propellant, Propeller-jet engine, Propelling, Propjet, Radial engine, Ramjet, Reciprocating engine, Retort, Ride, Rocket motor, Rotary engine, Stirring, Supercharged engine, Take a joyride, Taxi, Test tube, Tool, Transducer, Transformer, Transitional, Traveling, Tub, Turbine, Turbojet, Turboprop, Utility, Vertical engine, Voiture, Wheel, Wheels, Wreck

How to use Motor in a sentence?

  1. Demand is the principle motor force governing economic activity.
  2. The steam engine had symbolized the First Industrial Revolution and the electric motor and internal combustion engine the Second.
  3. We motored along a narrow road.
  4. When the business expanded with the move to a larger premises in Leinster Street, his mode of transport changed and a motor van was provided.

Meaning of Motor & Motor Definition

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What is The Definition of Motor?

  1. Automotive policy covers legal liability arising from the use of motor vehicles. Private cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles and fleets are included in this category. Damage to vehicles is also covered in the comprehensive manual.

Meanings of Motor

  1. Engines, especially those that use electricity or internal combustion and drive a car or other device with moving parts.

  2. Gives, sends or creates a movement or action.

  3. You are traveling by car, usually by car or boat.

Sentences of Motor

  1. The steam engine represented the first industrial revolution and the electric motor and other internal combustion engines.

  2. Demand is the main driver of economic activity

  3. As the business grew by moving to a larger location on Leinster Street, it changed its mode of transportation and adopted a van.

  4. We went through a narrow path


Motor Meanings:

Definition of Motor: Auto insurance policy covers the legal liability arising from the use of a motor vehicle. Cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles and fleets fall into this category. A comprehensive policy also covers vehicle damage.

Meanings of Motor

  1. An engine, especially an electric or internal combustion engine, that provides moving parts to a vehicle or other device.

  2. A motorist.

  3. Create a movement or action.

  4. Driving a car

Sentences of Motor

  1. This electric motor is very reliable.

  2. We live on our machine.

  3. They are heading north on M6.