Motor Vehicles - Damage By

Motor Vehicles - Damage By,

What is The Definition of Motor Vehicles - Damage By?

  1. These losses are incurred due to vehicle damage, with some exceptions.

Literal Meanings of Motor Vehicles - Damage By


Meanings of Motor:
  1. You are traveling by car, usually by car or boat.

  2. Engines, especially those that run on electric or internal combustion and drive vehicles or other equipment with moving parts.

  3. Gives, sends or creates a movement or action.

Sentences of Motor
  1. We go through a narrow path

  2. The steam engine represented the first industrial revolution and the electric motor and combustion engine.

  3. Demand is the main driver of economic activity

  4. When the business moved to a larger location on Leinster Street, the mode of transportation changed and he won a van.

Synonyms of Motor

unit, operative, career, motor, appliance, sweep, shoot, impelling, driving, instrument, kinetic, propelling, mechanism, moving, streak, contraption, hare, fly, apparatus, utensil, lever, tool, contrivance, pulley


Meanings of Vehicles:
  1. For example, something used specifically to transport people or goods on land. B-car, truck or cart.

  2. Something that is used to express, express, or achieve something.

  3. Movies, TV shows, music, etc. The goal is for the best artists to perform at their best.

  4. A private company in which a person or organization invests in a particular type of business, in particular.

Sentences of Vehicles
  1. The car skidded on the road

  2. I use the color of my ideas as a vehicle.

  3. A car for the star that is one of the most famous things in Hollywood

  4. Most companies offer investment options, such as mutual funds through qualified and experienced fund managers.

Synonyms of Vehicles

means of expression, agent, means of transport, means, channel, machinery, automobile, structure, medium, apparatus, motorized vehicle, conveyance, machine, organ, instrument, agency, mechanism, motor vehicle


Meanings of Damage:
  1. Treat physical harm (something) in a way that interferes with its general value, usefulness or function.

  2. Physical damage to something that affects its general value, usefulness, or function.

  3. Amount claimed or paid as compensation for loss or injury.

Sentences of Damage
  1. The car was severely damaged in the accident

  2. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a crowd of mourners.

  3. He received 4,284,000 in compensation

Synonyms of Damage

mutilate, deface, vandalize, reparation, spoil, mangle, mar, vandalization, compensation, blemish, redress, recompense, reparations, disfigure, blight, harm, defile, destruction, do damage to, restitution, injure, desecrate, vandalism, injury


Meanings of By:
  1. Identify working agents.

  2. Show yourself how to get something.

  3. Specify the number or size of the border.

  4. Determine the duration or expiration of a term.

  5. Displays the location of a physical object near a location or object.

  6. Indicate the period when something happened.

  7. In relation to.

  8. Used in the wrong words.

  9. It contains

Sentences of By
  1. Malaria can be controlled by attacking parasites

  2. The blow caused him to travel several kilometers

  3. I have to make this report before Monday.

  4. Remains were found on the side of the road.

  5. Whatever you do is good for me

  6. A car crosses the road

Synonyms of By

as a consequence of, by virtue of, side by side with, abreast of, beside, concerning, in good time for, on grounds of, via, according to, as far as … is concerned, by use of, on the strength of, no later than, with, due to, cheek by jowl with, adjacent to, owing to, thanks to, by reason of, next to, before, alongside, beyond, past, by, by the side of, by means of