Motor Vehicle

Motor Vehicle,

How To Define Motor Vehicle?

A term often used in vehicle registration and financial liability laws and generally defined as a device capable of transporting people or goods that is powered by mechanical or electrical power. Runs However, the definition of a government vehicle usually includes a list of exceptions for ineligible vehicles, for example, agricultural tractors, agricultural equipment, motorbikes, mopeds, snow motorcycles, ATVs, scooters and rail or rail only. Vehicles The definition of each government vehicle must be reviewed to determine what types of vehicles are eligible and which are not. Any unqualified vehicle that meets the legal definition of a motor vehicle in the state may be subject to that state's licensing, registration, and / or financial liability laws.

Motor Vehicle refers to It can take many forms: 1 (a) Global, which means personal injury to third party and property damage. (B) Damage to other people's property, fire and theft. (c) Damage to third party property only. 2. Mandatory third party coverage. In all Australian states, the insurance covers the injury or death of a third party in a registered motor vehicle accident.

Literal Meanings of Motor Vehicle


Meanings of Motor:
  1. You travel by car, usually by car or boat.

  2. Engines, especially those powered by electric or internal combustion engines, that provide the driving power for moving vehicles or other equipment

  3. Giving, sending or preparing a movement or action.

  4. Powered by an engine

Sentences of Motor
  1. We drive on a narrow road

  2. The steam engine symbolizes the first industrial revolution and the second electric motor and combustion engine.

  3. Demand is the main driver of economic activity

  4. As the business grew and moved to a larger location on Leinster Street, its mode of transportation changed and it got a delivery truck.

Synonyms of Motor

appliance, lever, apparatus, motor, sweep, gadget, wing, moving, hare, hurtle, streak, contrivance, propelling, engine, utensil, kinetic, unit, tool, speed, mechanism, driving, career, instrument, shoot, contraption, pulley, fly, operative, propulsive


Meanings of Vehicle:
  1. Mainly used for transporting people or goods on land, such as cars, trucks or carts.

  2. Something that is used to express, express, or achieve something.

  3. A movie, TV show, music, etc. The aim is to show the best artists.

Sentences of Vehicle
  1. Car skidding on the road

  2. I use the color of my ideas as a vehicle.

  3. The celebrity car is one of the most popular features in Hollywood

Synonyms of Vehicle

agent, instrument, agency, automobile, medium, machinery, means of transport, mechanism, machine, means of expression, motor vehicle, apparatus, conveyance, channel, motorized vehicle, organ, means, structure