1. You can define MOTOR VEHICLE (ACCIDENT) REPORT as, A detailed report of the accident should be submitted to the department of the vehicle where the accident occurred by the operator involved in the accident. The needs of the state vary depending on the level of damage to property. However, in the case of personal injuries, almost all states require that a car accident be reported within a certain period of time.



Meanings of MOTOR:
  1. Engines, especially those that run on electric or internal combustion and drive vehicles or other equipment with moving parts.

  2. Stimulates or acts, sends or creates.

  3. Motorized

  4. You are traveling by car, usually by car or boat.

Sentences of MOTOR
  1. The steam engine represented the first industrial revolution and the electric motor and combustion engine.

  2. Demand is the main driver of economic activity

  3. As the business grew as it moved to a larger location on Leinster Street, the mode of transportation changed and a van was provided.

  4. We went through a narrow path

Synonyms of MOTOR

apparatus, appliance, instrument, tool, utensil, device, unit, contraption, contrivance, gadget, mechanism, engine, motor, lever, pulley, kinetic, driving, impelling, propelling, propulsive, operative, moving, hurtle, speed, career, shoot, streak


Meanings of VEHICLE:
  1. Something is used to transport people or goods, especially on the ground, such as a car, truck or trailer.

  2. Something that is used to express, express, or achieve something.

  3. Movies, TV shows, music, etc., which aim to present the best performance in the best possible way.

Sentences of VEHICLE
  1. The car skidded on the road

  2. I use the color of my thoughts as the color of the car.

  3. The Star Wars car, one of the most popular in Hollywood

Synonyms of VEHICLE

automobile, motor vehicle, motorized vehicle, means of transport, conveyance, machine, channel, medium, means, means of expression, agency, agent, instrument, mechanism, organ, apparatus, structure, machinery


Meanings of ACCIDENT:
  1. An unfortunate event that occurs unexpectedly and unintentionally usually results in loss or injury.

  2. Events that occur by chance or apparently or intentionally.

  3. (In the Aristotelian view) the property of something that is not necessary for its nature.

Sentences of ACCIDENT
  1. There was an accident in the factory

  2. Pregnancy is an accident

  3. The new element is existence, which Oceana sees as an accident, as it relates to things.

Synonyms of ACCIDENT

mishap, misfortune, misadventure, mischance, unfortunate incident, injury, disaster, tragedy, catastrophe, contretemps, calamity, blow, trouble, problem, difficulty, chance, mere chance, coincidence, twist of fate, freak


Meanings of REPORT:
  1. Give an oral or written account of what you have observed, heard, done or investigated.

  2. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl.

  3. Responsible for (manager or supervisor)

  4. Representation of a particular article, including in the form of an official document, after a thorough investigation or review of a particular person or institution.

  5. Information that does not support solid evidence that the speaker believes is true or not.

  6. A sudden loud noise or something like an explosion or a shot

  7. An employee supervised by another employee.

  8. The way someone or something is seen as fame.

Sentences of REPORT
  1. The representative reported a decline in milk and meat production

  2. Stuart should be in the experimental office on Monday

  3. President's Annual Report

  4. Reports are circulating that the president will leave

  5. All our horses are very controlled and accustomed to hearing the news of 0.22

  6. All the reports are in their decade without the concept of proper clothing

Synonyms of REPORT

announce, describe, give an account of, tell of, detail, delineate, outline, present oneself, arrive, appear, turn up, clock in, sign in, account, review, record, description, exposition, statement, delineation, news, information, word, intelligence