Motor Truck Cargo

Motor Truck Cargo,

Definition of Motor Truck Cargo:

  • Inland marine form, depending on the form used, involves damage to public transport or the movement of goods in the insurer's own vehicle.

Literal Meanings of Motor Truck Cargo


Meanings of Motor:
  1. Engines, especially those that run on electric or internal combustion and run with moving parts for cars or other equipment.

  2. Stimulates or acts, sends or creates.

  3. You are traveling by car, usually by car or boat.

Sentences of Motor
  1. The steam engine represented the first industrial revolution and the electric motor and other internal combustion engines.

  2. Demand is the main driver of economic activity

  3. As the business grew as it moved to a larger location on Leinster Street, the mode of transportation changed and a van was provided.

  4. We went through a narrow path

Synonyms of Motor

kinetic, lever, contraption, impelling, utensil, mechanism, moving, speed, motor, pulley, hare, device, engine, shoot, streak, instrument, contrivance, driving, appliance, hurtle


Meanings of Truck:
  1. Large and heavy motor vehicles for transporting goods, equipment or troops.

  2. Landing gear with four to six wheels rotates under the end of the car.

  3. Wooden disc on mast or mast with pulley for signal box

  4. Truck

  5. Exchange

  6. Little things.

  7. Garden products, especially vegetables.

  8. Exchange or exchange.

Sentences of Truck
  1. Since yesterday we have seen a lot of traffic on roads and trucks and trucks, food, water and medicine.

  2. You have several trucks, wheels and a line of suspension that drives the truck according to your vehicle.

  3. The main lift box uses a truck / rotating pulley, while the courtyard arm and gusset are suspended on the courtyard's stainless steel pulleys.

  4. Food is delivered by truck to St. Petersburg

  5. According to Adam Smith, people have a natural inclination towards barter, trucks and trade.

  6. A truck parking

Synonyms of Truck

heavy goods vehicle, juggernaut


Meanings of Cargo:
  1. The goods are placed on a ship, ship or motor vehicle.

Sentences of Cargo
  1. Large-scale migration

Synonyms of Cargo

delivery, burden, load, baggage, contents, shipment, freight, haul, consignment