Motive Test

Motive Test,

What is Motive Test?

  • Motive Test refers to Evidence is often found in tax regulations designed to prevent tax evasion. For example, when the sole or primary purpose of a given transaction is to reduce taxes, the rules and regulations may provide certain results that must be followed.

Literal Meanings of Motive Test


Meanings of Motive:
  1. A reason to do something, especially one that is hidden or obscure.

  2. (In art, literature or music) Reason.

  3. Do physical or mechanical movements.

  4. Reason or reason for some reason.

Sentences of Motive
  1. The purpose of the murder

  2. All organic work based on the shape of the opening horn

  3. Gas filling is the dynamic force for each stroke of the piston.

  4. The guiding principle of the author's work

Synonyms of Motive

grounds, propulsive, kinetic, object, intention, rationale, concept, moving, driving, propelling, impelling, operative, thinking, topic, the whys and wherefores, leitmotif, theme, motor, design, element, occasion, motivating force, trope, idea, basis, motivation, purpose, motif


Meanings of Test:
  1. Take steps to test the quality, performance or reliability of (something), especially before it is generalized or put into practice.

  2. A process used to determine the quality, performance, or reliability of an item, especially before deployment.

  3. An eco-oven uses a mobile stove to separate gold or silver from tons.

  4. Some invertebrates and hard outer layer of protozoa carapace or skin, especially foraminifera cactus carapace or circuit.

Sentences of Test
  1. This limit has not been tested on animals.

  2. No sparks are visible during the test

  3. When the preparation is complete, the test is allowed to dry and then placed in the oven (made in all respects like a regular hall oven), with the exception that the test and the width of the arc There is open space left on the test bench to accommodate. Is too small

  4. Shell evidence has been reinstalled, but the original jewelry has been preserved in great detail.

Synonyms of Test

put to the test, carry out trials on, experiment with, pilot, try out, put through its paces, experiment, try-out, trial, pilot study