Definition of Motion:

  1. Direct or command (to someone) by hand or head movement.

  2. Movement or act of action

  3. Suggestions for debate in a Legislative Assembly or Assembly.

  4. Legal recommendations are submitted to the Legislative Council or Committee.

  5. General: This proposal was formally tabled in the meeting for discussion and approval as a resolution.

  6. Legislator: In accordance with the formal parliamentary procedure, suggestions were made on specific topics for discussion and voting.

  7. Legal: An oral or written request from a claimant (called a machine) to a court seeking legal action. Generally, applicants need to be moved by the other party to be notified. However, some applications (previous applications) may be submitted without this notice.

Synonyms of Motion

Omnibus bill, Wheels, Gesture, Wave the arms, Movement, Action, Touristry, Goad, Wave, Signalize, Step, To and fro, Set, Improper suggestion, Incentive, Privileged question, Commotion, Mainstream, Globe-trotting, Current, Stir, Servomechanism, Proposal, Shifting, Pantomime, Sign, Tenor, Submission, Flag, Procedure, Locomotion, Movability, Workings, Enacting clause, Signal, Recommendation, Stream, Change, Drift, Direct, Course, Inducement, Commutation, Motility, Activeness, Fluctuation, Motive, Saw the air, Power train, Stirring, Pose, Toing and froing, Coming and going, Act, Stirring, Works, Transit, Gait, Time spirit, Deaf-and-dumb alphabet, Moving, Going, Measure, Militancy, Dactylology, Instance, Activism, Journeying, Spring, Political activism, Rise and fall, Motion to, Mime, Turbulence, Gesture language, Wavering, Shrug the shoulders, Carriage, Dragnet clause, Poise, Clause, Beckon, Glacial movement, Line, Oscillation, Watchworks, Question, Turmoil, Charade, Request, Direction, Moving, Passage, Bearing, Shift, Gesticulate, Travel, Bill, Body language, Companion bills amendment, Locomotion, The general tendency, Trend, Shrug, Process, Tourism, Escalator clause, Gesticulation, Chironomy, Recommendation, Swing, Saving clause, Machinery, Kinesics, Stance, Proposition, Joker, Business, Clockworks, Move, Submission, The main course, Signal, Sway, Sexual advance, Traveling, Tone, Goings-on, Impulse, Suggestion, Pass, Posture, Activity, Suggestion, Main current, Resolution, Walk, Proceedings, Mechanism, Indecent proposal, Gesture, Drive train, Indicate, Proviso, Movement, Run, Movements, Spur, Zeitgeist, Rider, Proceeding, Dumb show, Sign language, Progress, Doings, Agitation, Proposition, Hold-up bill, Innards, Crossing, Gesticulate, Calendar, Wheels within wheels, Gear, Beck, Shifting, Proposal, Sign, Trajet, Tread, Offering, Traject, Mobility, Hand signal

How to use Motion in a sentence?

  1. My friend went to jail and his lawyer tried to ask for bail so that he could get out of jail and become a free man.
  2. It prompted Dennis to sit on the sofa.
  3. The resolution proposed by Adam Tyler states that members can join the club without CCL.
  4. The chairman of our committee suggested rewriting the constitution.
  5. The man's lawyer filed an order to stop his partner from using his idea for a new business.
  6. Citizens' movement to end world hunger was brought to Congress because they were worried about global food shortages.
  7. The laws of motion of the planets.

Meaning of Motion & Motion Definition

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How To Define Motion?

  1. A request from a court or judge for a rule or order to take action in favor of the plaintiff.

  2. A simple definition of Motion is: An oral or written request from a party before, during, or after a trial that the court decides or orders.

Meanings of Motion

  1. Discussion and proposed solution in the meeting and legislature.

  2. Movement or act of movement or action.

  3. A formal proposal was submitted to the legislature or committee.

Sentences of Motion

  1. He turned to Dennis from the plush armor chair

  2. The resolution proposed by Adam Tyler states that without CCL, members can remain in the association.

  3. The chairperson of our committee asked us to rewrite the constitution

Synonyms of Motion

sway , flux , motility , stirring , body English , stir , high sign , inclination , move , dynamics , locomotion , direction , swing , drift , changing , stream , sweep , progress , passage , agitation , advance , act , passing , change , oscillation , kinetics , wavering , flow


Motion: What is the Meaning of Motion?

  • Request from the court or judge for any rule or order to take action in favor of the plaintiff.

  • Or a written request from a party during or after the decision that the court has ruled or ordered.

Meanings of Motion

  1. A formal proposal submitted to the legislature or committee.

  2. An evacuation

  3. Debate and suggest solutions in the session or Legislative Assembly.

Sentences of Motion

  1. Opposition parties have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.

  2. 73 patients had less than three bowel movements per day.

  3. He waved Dennis from the plush chair.

  4. A resolution proposed by Adam Tyler suggested that members could join the association without CCL.

Synonyms of Motion

nod, travelling


Motion Definition:

A request for a rule or order from a court or judge ordering that action be taken in favor of the complainant.

Meanings of Motion

  1. Direct or command (someone) with a hand or head movement.

Sentences of Motion

  1. Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections.

  2. 73% of patients had less than three bowel movements per day.

  3. He pointed to Dennis from the magnificent armchair.

  4. The resolution proposed by Adam Tyler suggested that members could continue to join the association without CCL.