Motion To Seal

Motion To Seal,

What is Motion To Seal?

  • Request to save files for public inspection.

Literal Meanings of Motion To Seal


Meanings of Motion:
  1. Discussion and proposed solution in the meeting and legislature.

  2. Movement or act of movement or action.

  3. A formal proposal was submitted to the legislature or committee.

Sentences of Motion
  1. He pointed to Dennis from the plush chair

  2. The resolution proposed by Adam Tyler states that without CCL, members can remain in the association.

  3. The chairperson of our committee asked us to rewrite the constitution

Synonyms of Motion

coming and going, stirring, moving, movement, submission, recommendation, rise and fall, proposal, to and fro, indicate, proposition, locomotion, sign, signal, direct, gesticulate, suggestion, gesture, shifting, toing and froing


Meanings of To:
  1. Towards Express Movement

  2. Proximity or limit (certain conditions)

  3. Identify the person or thing in question.

  4. Indicates that two things are connected.

  5. Anxious or potentially annoying (some specific no summary)

  6. It is used with the basic form of the verb to indicate that the verb is ineffective.

  7. When the absent verb is considered clear, it is used without following the verb.

Sentences of To
  1. Going out in the mall

  2. Christopher's expression turned from surprise to joy.

  3. You are very moderate about it

  4. Married cousin John

  5. He left his motorcycle tied to the fence

  6. This is nothing compared to before

  7. He threw the door behind him

  8. He told her to come, but he said he didn't want to

Synonyms of To

to, in the direction of, tight, so as to approach, secured, secure, toward, fastened, so as to near, firmly fixed


Meanings of Seal:
  1. Securely tie or seal.

  2. Apply non-surface coating to make it waterproof.

  3. Fry for a while in hot fat (food) so that you don't lose too much moisture later in cooking.

  4. Fill in, confirm or guarantee (anything) excluding the possibility of reversal or loss.

  5. Attach a piece of wax or tin to the pattern (document) to confirm it.

  6. A device or substance is used to connect two things so that they do not dissolve or have anything in between.

  7. A piece of wax, tin, or other embossed material with a special design attached to a document that proves it was made by the person who claims to have published it.

  8. Something that acts as a confirmation or guarantee of something.

  9. It is the pastor's duty not to reveal anything at the time of confession.

  10. Rocky animals are fish in the water with slender bodies and winged legs that return to the ground to reproduce or rest.

  11. Member of an elite US Navy force specializing in guerrilla warfare and counter-insurgency.

Sentences of Seal
  1. Folded, sealed the envelope and went to the mailbox

  2. The finish is covered with satin varnish

  3. Heat the oil and seal the lamb on both sides

  4. To close the deal, he offered Thornton a seat on the startup company's board.

  5. The blue path indicates the smoky valve seals

  6. He replied with a letter with a navy blue wax seal.

  7. The International Monetary Fund will have to approve the Mexican plan.

  8. He told me secretly

  9. Others suggest that marine species have been migrated at least twice, with one lineage going to sea lions and the other to ancestral seals.

Synonyms of Seal

establish, secure, sealant, conclude, adhesive, token, coat of arms, shut, settle, badge, bolt, close up, mark, clinch, crest, symbol, stamp, board up, insignia, monogram, device, fasten, emblem, complete, lock, sealer