Motion To Mitigate Sentence

Motion To Mitigate Sentence,

Motion To Mitigate Sentence:

  1. Request for reduction of sentence.

Literal Meanings of Motion To Mitigate Sentence


Meanings of Motion:
  1. Movement or act of movement or action.

  2. Formal recommendations were made to the legislature or committee.

  3. An evacuation

  4. Debate and suggest solutions in the session or Legislative Assembly.

Sentences of Motion
  1. Opposition parties have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.

  2. 73 patients had less than three bowel movements per day.

  3. He waved Dennis from the plush chair.

  4. A resolution proposed by Adam Tyler suggested that members could join the association without CCL.

Synonyms of Motion

to and fro, suggestion, locomotion, direct, recommendation, nod, course, motility, stirring, gesture, rise and fall, signal, shifting, mobility, gesticulate, sign, movement, moving, coming and going, going


Meanings of To:
  1. Indicates movement towards (a specific place).

  2. Perspective or scope (special terms)

  3. Identify the person or thing in question or accept something.

  4. Indicates that two things are connected or related to each other.

  5. Related to or possibly related to (something).

  6. The second element in the competition is used to introduce.

  7. Account kept before debit entry.

  8. Used with the basic form of the verb to indicate that the verb is infinite.

  9. Used without following the verb when the missing verb is clearly understood.

Sentences of To
  1. Go to the shops

  2. Christopher's expression turned from surprise to joy.

  3. You're too bad for that

  4. He is with his cousin Emma. married

  5. He tied his dog under the drain

  6. There was no club

  7. He asked her to come, but she said he did not want to come.

  8. The door slammed behind him


Meanings of Mitigate:
  1. Doing (something bad) is less serious, serious or painful.

Sentences of Mitigate
  1. Drainage plans help solve this problem.

Synonyms of Mitigate

quieten, lessen, cushion, weaken, damp, ease, temper, help, lighten, allay, mollify, sweeten, soothe, assuage, abate, attenuate, blunt, deaden, quell, moderate, soften, quiet, still, reduce, relieve, alleviate, diminish


Meanings of Sentence:
  1. A set of free words, usually consists of a subject and a prediction, consisting of a statement, question, surprise, or command, and an important clause, and sometimes one or more subordinate clauses.

  2. A conviction by a court of law or a sentence imposed by law for a specific crime.

  3. Explain the punishment imposed by the (offender).

Sentences of Sentence
  1. Her husband is serving a three-year sentence for cheating.

  2. Ten military officers were sentenced to life in prison.

Synonyms of Sentence

suspended sentence, prison term, time, jail sentence, impose a sentence on, convict, stretch, pronounce sentence on, decision, verdict, bird, pass judgement on, punish, mete out punishment to, ruling, rap, penal sentence, condemn, ■■■■, punishment, decree, judgement, life sentence, stint, pronouncement, determination, porridge, prison sentence