Motion Practice

Motion Practice,

Motion Practice:

The court is routinely asked to make a positive decision instead of making an informal compromise between the parties.

Literal Meanings of Motion Practice


Meanings of Motion:
  1. Movement or act of movement or action.

  2. Legal recommendations are submitted to the Legislative Council or Committee.

  3. Direct or command (to someone) by hand or head movement.

  4. Suggestions should be discussed and resolved in the Legislative Assembly or Assembly.

Sentences of Motion
  1. The laws of motion of the planets

  2. The chairman of our committee suggested that the constitution should be rewritten

  3. Dennis was moved to sit in a luxurious chair

  4. Adam Tyler's resolution suggested that members could join the club without CCL

Synonyms of Motion

direct, movement, to and fro, moving, gesticulate, suggestion, shifting, stirring, sign, recommendation, locomotion, proposal, proposition, rise and fall, coming and going, toing and froing, submission, indicate, gesture, signal


Meanings of Practice:
  1. The actual application or use of an idea, belief or method that contradicts the theory in question.

  2. Routine, routine or expected action or way of doing something

  3. Repeated practice or performance to acquire or master an activity or skill.

  4. Repeats repeatedly or regularly (an activity) or trains (a skill) to improve or maintain skills.

  5. Do it regularly or regularly (some activities, methods or habits)

Sentences of Practice
  1. Principles and practice education

  2. Current nursing practice

  3. I have to practice my French

Synonyms of Practice

operation, procedure, system, study, drill, action, exercise, tradition, custom, convention, wont, repetition, preparation, habit, rule, fashion, institution, doing, execution, application, training, rehearsal, method, implementation, routine, use, enactment, policy, way