Motion Jpeg

Motion Jpeg

A video clip consisting of a series of images compressed in JPEG format. Sometimes abbreviated to MPEG (see MPEG below), although they are slightly different. The main difference is that MPEG provides temporal compression while MJPEG only provides spatial compression.

Literal Meanings of Motion Jpeg


Meanings of Motion:
  1. The state of transition from one place to another.

  2. Change of position with respect to time.

  3. Moving from one place to another.

  4. Parliamentary action to propose something. A similar procedure at any official or business meeting.

  5. Shows or dramas, especially puppets.

  6. From κίνησις (kinesis) any change. Traditionally four types: generation and distortion, change, increase and decrease, and change of location.

  7. Movement of the mind, desire or passion, mental action or impulse of activity or inner action.

  8. A formal request, or written, to a judge or tribunal for a formal injunction or order to bring a claim by or on behalf of a plaintiff.

  9. movement is the product of such movement.

  10. Change the pitch of successive sounds, in the same part or in groups of parts. (Combined motion is motion along the individual rungs of a ladder. Contrasting motion occurs when figures move in opposite directions. Non-overlapping motion is a jumping motion. Slanting motion occurs when one figure is stationary and the other moves in the same direction as it. moves. ).

  11. Puppet show or puppet show.

  12. A moving machine, like a locomotive.

  13. Make a gesture to indicate the desired move.

  14. Submission of an application through parliamentary procedure.

  15. Make an offer to propose plans.

Sentences of Motion
  1. The amendment is now pending.

  2. He motioned for me to come closer.

Synonyms of Motion

movement, move


Meanings of Jpeg:
  1. An image in the JFIF image file format that contains an image compressed using JPEG compression.

Sentences of Jpeg
  1. I'll send you a jpeg tomorrow.

Motion Jpeg