Mortgage Insurance Policy

Mortgage Insurance Policy,

What is The Meaning of Mortgage Insurance Policy?

  1. Mortgage Insurance Policy means: In life and health insurance, a policy that covers the mortgage debtor with the benefits to pay the rest of the mortgage in case of death of the insured or under mortgage in case of death or disability. Are made to fix the payment.

  2. In life and health insurance, a policy in which the benefits are intended to change the balance of the mortgage loan or to repay the mortgage loan, if they are after or after the death or disability of the policyholder.

Literal Meanings of Mortgage Insurance Policy


Meanings of Mortgage:
  1. Transfer (assets) to lenders as collateral.

  2. A legal arrangement under which a bank or other lender lends at interest for the ownership of the lender's assets, provided the transfer of ownership is not effective at the time the loan is repaid.

Sentences of Mortgage
  1. The farm is in mortgage

  2. I deposited one lakh cash and took out a mortgage from the rest

Synonyms of Mortgage

put up as collateral, guarantee, mortgage, pawn, credit, advance


Meanings of Insurance:
  1. The process or arrangement under which a company or government agency guarantees compensation for certain losses, injuries, illness or death in exchange for premium payments.

  2. Anything that provides protection against possible emergencies.

Sentences of Insurance
  1. Adherence to high standards of personal conduct is the best protection against personal problems.

Synonyms of Insurance

protection, indemnity, surety, cover, safeguard, shelter, security, indemnification, provision, financial protection, immunity, preventive measure, safety measure, defence, precaution


Meanings of Policy:
  1. The Code of Conduct has been adopted or proposed by any government, party, company or individual.

  2. Illegal lottery or numbers game.

Sentences of Policy
  1. Controversial economic policy management

Synonyms of Policy

theory, approach, schedule, position, scheme, programme, guidelines, strategy, stance, line, proposed action, plans, intentions, stratagem, code, system, blueprint, attitude, notions