Definition of Mortality:

  1. Conditions are subject to death.

  2. Occurrences of death related to classification in certain groups by age or other factors such as occupation.

  3. Especially large-scale deaths.

Synonyms of Mortality

Transience, Hominid, Homo, Ephemeralness, Man, Mutability, Mortals, Perniciousness, Transiency, Ephemerality, Evanescence, Adam, Race of man, Clay, Deadliness, Humanness, Perishability, Humanity, Homo sapiens, Malignance, Ephemerality, Human equation, Humankind, Finitude, Banefulness, Dying, Mortalness, Impermanence, Generation of man, Caducity, Death toll, Human frailty, Perishability, Loss of life, Frailty, Fatality, Hominidae, Death, Weakness, Transience, Human family, Death, Malignity, Impermanency, Transientness, Virulence, Lethality, Impermanency, Flesh, Human nature, Temporality, Changeableness, Instability, Momentariness, Death rate, Impermanence, Human species, Transitoriness, Fallen humanity, Volatility, Corruptibility, Mankind, Human race, Genus Homo, Human weakness, Mortal flesh, Fugacity, Le genre humain, Fleetingness, Malignancy

How to use Mortality in a sentence?

  1. Causes of death in infants and young children.
  2. High-risk occupations, such as firefighters, have a higher mortality rate than low-risk professionals, such as dance instructors.
  3. The recent outbreak of the disease is a matter of great concern because of the high mortality rate despite the introduction of new treatments.
  4. The life insurance industry seeks to determine mortality rates for different ethnic and socio-economic groups in order to develop a practical schedule for its policies.
  5. This work is increasingly disturbed by thoughts of death.

Meaning of Mortality & Mortality Definition


How To Define Mortality?

  • The definition of Mortality is: Relative frequency of deaths

  • Meaning of Mortality: The death rate of the group members over a period of time. The actual mortality rate is compared to the life chart.

  • Mortality rate at a particular age. It is used to calculate life insurance risk.