• A graph showing the mortality rate, the insurance company can reasonably expect from a certain group of policyholders at a certain age.

Literal Meanings of MORTALITY TABLES


Meanings of MORTALITY:
  1. The state of being subject to death.

Sentences of MORTALITY
  1. Work is increasingly disturbed by thoughts of death

  2. Causes of infant and child mortality

Synonyms of MORTALITY

impermanence, dying, transience, temporality, perishability, impermanency, loss of life, death, ephemerality


Meanings of TABLES:
  1. Attend the meeting formally for discussion or review.

  2. Postpone review

  3. Strengthen the edges (candle) with hemming.

  4. High cabinet in a flat with one or more legs that provides a flat surface for eating, writing or working.

  5. A series of facts or figures appear permanently, especially in columns.

  6. Vertical flat surface, usually rectangular, white board.

Sentences of TABLES
  1. More than 200 amendments were made to the bill

  2. I want the question to be postponed for the next few months.

  3. He placed the plate on the table

  4. The population increased as shown in Table 1.

Synonyms of TABLES

stand, desk, defer, counter, air, propose, graph, mothball, hold in abeyance, hold off, put forward, pigeonhole, hold over, reschedule, chart, worktable, top, delay, stand over, bench, put back, figure, buffet, shelve, put off, postpone, do later, workbench, plan