Definition of MORTALITY AND EXPENSE (M&E) RISK CHARGE: Expenses that include a pension agreement guarantee, such as death assistance.



Meanings of MORTALITY:
  1. The state of being subject to death.

Sentences of MORTALITY
  1. Work is increasingly disturbed by thoughts of death

  2. Causes of death in newborns and young children

Synonyms of MORTALITY

impermanency, transience, death, perishability, temporality, ephemerality, dying, loss of life, impermanence


Meanings of AND:
  1. A boolean operator that returns only when all tasks are the same and otherwise zero.

  2. It is used to connect the words of a speech, a clause or the same part of a sentence that needs to be put together.

  3. It is used to introduce additional comments or interactions.

  4. It is used to indicate intention after some verbs and before other verbs, "no"

Sentences of AND
  1. If he had to make a decision, and it was the worst, he would turn his back on his parents.

Synonyms of AND

as well as, together with, including, coupled with, not to mention, too, also, with, in addition to, and, besides, along with, added to


Meanings of EXPENSE:
  1. The price of something, the money spent on something.

Sentences of EXPENSE
  1. This year, up to 17,500 investments can be received

  2. We order attractive clothes

Synonyms of EXPENSE

price, cost


Meanings of M:
  1. horse

  2. Leaving.

  3. Men

  4. Destiny

  5. Subway

  6. thousand)

  7. Found (in units of measurement)

  8. Millions)

  9. Protocol).

  10. Registered trademark (in Germany)

  11. Half.

  12. Mix (in the recipe).

  13. Edit

Sentences of M
  1. I am 30 years old and I have been suffering from the same problem for years and I was confused to have only two ladies E No N.

  2. The Roman numerals C and M do not mean 100 and 1000 (see So).

  3. But then we had to look at a lot of small stores and finally Golden M. and Julius got a big burger (of which he ate only half of it).


Meanings of E:
  1. Euro or Euro.

  2. An electron

  3. The transcendental number, which is the basis of the natural or natural logarithm, is approximately equal to 2. 2.71828.

  4. The fifth letter of the alphabet

  5. In the form of a capital letter E.

  6. The third note of the C major ditonic scale.

  7. West east.

  8. Easter

  9. Drugs or ecstasy pills.

  10. Engineer or engineer.

  11. English

  12. Electronically

  13. The power of the electric field

  14. The force of electrical motion.

  15. Energy


Meanings of RISK:
  1. Expose someone or anything of value for loss, damage or loss.

  2. Conditions involved in exposure to hazards

Sentences of RISK
  1. Ignoring the law is very dangerous

Synonyms of RISK

put in danger, probability, imperil, put in jeopardy, jeopardize, likelihood, danger, threat, fear, venture, possibility, prospect, peril, chance, put on the line, gamble with, wager, expose to danger, bet, hazard, gamble


Meanings of CHARGE:
  1. Price of services or goods provided A person's demand (quantity).

  2. To sue a person for some reason, especially a crime against the law.

  3. Assign someone tasks such as duties or responsibilities.

  4. Stores electrical energy in (batteries or battery-powered devices)

  5. Go ahead in the attack.

  6. Apply heraldic pads on it.

  7. Sale price of goods or services.

  8. An offense, usually formally filed against a prisoner, is brought before the court.

  9. The responsibility to take care of or control someone or something

  10. The properties of matter that are responsible for the electrical phenomena that exist positively or negatively

  11. The amount of explosives that must be detonated to meet a firearm.

  12. The battle is usually fought by attacking the soldiers.

Sentences of CHARGE
  1. He charged me 22 for a postcard

  2. He was charged with assault

  3. The committee was tasked with reshaping the education system.

  4. Shaver can be used for carrying and walking

  5. The plan is to attack the enemy

  6. Silver quality full of gills cross

  7. Entrance fee

  8. Appeared in court for attempted murder

Synonyms of CHARGE

keeping, sally, tear, heraldic device, imputation, campaign, shell, go headlong, stampede, accusation, emblem, coat of arms, surveillance, thrust, regalia, incursion, protection, armorial bearing, indictment, arraign for, ask in payment, sortie, badge, offence, tariff, device, escutcheon, launch oneself, swoop