Morningstar Sustainability Rating

Morningstar Sustainability Rating,

How Do You Define Morningstar Sustainability Rating?

  • Morning Star Sustainability Rating is a reliable and objective way for investors to see that 20,000 exchange traded mutual funds and funds (ETFs) address environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) challenges. How are you answering?

Literal Meanings of Morningstar Sustainability Rating


Meanings of Sustainability:
  1. Ability to stay at a certain speed or level.

  2. Avoid depleting natural resources to maintain ecological balance.

Sentences of Sustainability
  1. Long-term sustainability of the project

  2. Healthy soil is the first priority for long-term sustainability of food production.

  3. Consultants question the long-term financial stability of the healthcare system.

  4. Without a return to economic growth, there can be no stabilization of public finances.

  5. We achieve economic stability through standard business principles.

  6. The main advantage of sustainability is the reduction in operating costs.


Meanings of Rating:
  1. The classification or classification of a person or thing is based on its quality, standards or performance.

  2. Approximate audience estimates for a given radio or television program.

  3. The value of a property or condition that is standard, appropriate or limited to material, goods or equipment.

  4. All classes in which racing yachts are described according to their dimensions.

  5. Severe reprimand

Sentences of Rating
  1. The same observer assessed the team's conduct and the quality of the team's performance for all teams.

  2. Many of these results were translated into performance criteria for the 22 neighboring suburban groups captured by the survey.

  3. Evidence of work photography is sometimes very useful for checking a member's performance.

  4. Five star rating requires better quality and service.

  5. Outcome Skill Performance Assessment that is sent to the Assessment Center provides for the instructor's performance rating in the workplace.

  6. In contrast, salary increases and / or performance rewards are based primarily on performance appraisals.

Synonyms of Rating

classification, placing, standing, rank, class, position, ranking, categorization, designation, grading, status, category