Morning Star

Morning Star,

What is Morning Star?

The Morning Star is a three-candle visual model that has been interpreted by technical analysts as a bullish signal. The Morning Star forms a downward trend and indicates the beginning of an upward trend. This is a reversal signal from the previous price trend. Traders look at the shape of the morning star and then use additional indicators to confirm that a reversal has actually taken place.

  • The morning star is a visual pattern consisting of a large black candle, a small black or white candle with a small body and a long broad, and a third large white candle.
  • The Morning Star's afternoon candles began to give way to the bulls. The third candle confirms the reversal and is likely to increase.
  • The opposite pattern of the morning star is the noon star, which has to go from the uptrend downwards.

Morning Star definition is: A well-known mutual fund research and tracking company that categorizes funds by purpose and size and then ranks the fund's performance in these categories.

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