More Than Ever Meaning

More Than Ever Meaning

What does this phrase mean to you more than ever? ۔

I heard NPR this morning and heard Florida Governor Charlie Crust say that Americans must come together more than ever to deal with today's economic problems. I press:

Are you serious

Do we need to be more united than ever before in history?

What will be the Civil War or the Second World War?

amazing ...

You can guess from this inner molog that I think this sentence is really being abused and abused. But I'm still curious:

What does that mean to you, literally or figuratively?

you are right. Some people sometimes misuse the term. In my case, I'm saying this just to emphasize that it's more intense than what I'm feeling.

Symbolically. Well, it's not as bad as WWII. But that's bad enough. So today. People need to come together for more than just existence. But there are some exceptions, such as war, etc.

More Than Ever Meaning