Morbidity Table

Morbidity Table,

How To Define Morbidity Table?

Recording of incident rate statistics in specific age groups.

Literal Meanings of Morbidity Table


Meanings of Morbidity:
  1. A state of being sick or in a medical condition.

Sentences of Morbidity
  1. Therapy can dramatically reduce respiratory disease in children


Meanings of Table:
  1. Postpone review

  2. Attend the meeting formally for discussion or review.

  3. Flat top furniture and one or more legs that provide a flat surface on which items can be placed and used, for example, for eating, writing, work or play.

  4. A series of facts or figures presented in an organized manner, especially in columns.

  5. Vertical flat surface, usually rectangular.

Sentences of Table
  1. I want the question to be postponed for the next few months.

  2. One member of parliament proposed an amendment to the law

  3. He placed the plate on the table

  4. The population increased as shown in Table 1.

Synonyms of Table

hold off, lodge, workbench, move, desk, shelve, lay, stand over, bench, buffet, propose, put in abeyance, file, bring forward, reschedule, diagram, counter, suggest, horizontal surface, submit, carry over, surface, hold in abeyance, chart, work surface, plan, bar, top, put back, list