Definition of Moral:

  1. Maintain or incorporate principles of good behavior.

  2. An example of a person's behavior or beliefs about what is acceptable and what is not.

  3. Lessons, especially about those who are true or wise, can be learned from history, information or experience.

  4. Influenced by the principles of good and bad behavior and good or bad human character.

  5. Personal behavior based on strict adherence to accepted or accepted codes or dogmas about what is right or wrong, by personal or unregulated groups or sects, in scriptures or by non-secular groups. The term, first exchanged with ethics, has almost acquired a religious connotation, and with the recent sectarianism (second half of the 20th century), it is moving closer to the truth between public and private ethics.

Synonyms of Moral

Integrity, Byword, Scrupulous, Blameless, Honorable, Sentence, Untarnished, Inviolate, Rubric, Witticism, General principle, Code of ethics, Decent, Irreproachable, Slogan, Commandment, High-minded, Standards of behaviour, Practices, Working principle, Precept, Saintly, Monition, Discourse, Sloka, Unblemished, Apothegm, Saying, Final notice, Instruction, Sinless, Unstained, Blameless, Honest, Pithy saying, Unimpeachable, Truehearted, Chaste, Truthful, Rule, Reputable, Lesson, Spotless, High-minded, Ana, Virtuous, Straight, Principled, Brocard, Virtuous, Hint, Message, Adage, Point, Decent, Conscientious, Angelic, Scrupulous, Seraphic, Example, Deterrent example, Truism, Standards, Proper, Noble, Recital, Upright, Principles, Proper, Behavior, Convention, Clean-living, Guiding principle, True-souled, Proverbial saying, Skull session, Word, Upright, Final warning, Proverbs, Meaning, Canon, Lesson, Christian, Moralizing, Scruples, Upstanding, Duteous, Probity, Full of integrity, Import, Deferential, Ordinance, Yeomanly, Righteous, Morals, Lecture, Respectable, Admonition, Respectable, Assignment, Immaculate, Law-abiding, Incorruptible, Distich, Uprighteous, Proper, Observant, Principled, Golden rule, Fair, Moral standards, Good, Godly, Set task, Decent, Significance, Epigram, Ideals, Righteous, Catchword, Phrase, Imperative, Preachment, Noble, Precept, Honest, Code, ■■■■■, Prescript, Morality, Apophthegm, Honourable, Saintlike, Formula, Exercise, Dutiful, Obedient, Belief, Moral code, Proverb, Task, Rules of conduct, Teaching, Signification, Message, Point, Dictate, Form, Oracle, Right-minded, Wise saying, Notice, Estimable, True-spirited, Standards, Just, Ideals, Current saying, Exposition, Axiological, Respectable, Principles of right and wrong, Working rule, High-minded, Gnome, Aphorism, Mitzvah, Ethological, Unsullied, Verse, Homework, Regulation, Mot, Unspotted, Settled principle, High-principled, Right-minded, Just, Axiom, Good, Disquisition, Maxim, Upright, Chaste, Right, Manly, Uncorrupted, Wisdom literature, Caution, Words of wisdom, Law-abiding, Recitation, Righteous, True-devoted, Pure, Warning, Just, Undefiled, Guideline, Alarm, Worthy, Sermonizing, Analects, Law-revering, Uncorrupt, Respectful, Truthful, Moral values, Noble, Sterling, True-disposing, Saw, Creditable, Law, Sutra, Good, Scruples, Wisdom, Stainless, Virtuous, Motto, Principle, True-dealing, Scrupulous, Golden saying, Clean-living, Sinless, Lecture-demonstration, Verbum sapienti, Customs, Talk, Incorruptible, Notification, Moralistic, Admonishment, Standard, Object lesson, Principled, Upstanding, Morality, Sententious expression, Collected sayings, Text, Upstanding, Homily, Law-loving, Ethics, Honourable, Moral lesson, Blameless, Conduct, Moralization, Harangue, Sense of morality, Modest, Honest, Caveat, Chaste, Teachy, Preachy, Rectitude, Principium, Principles of behaviour, Pure, Habits, Irreproachable, Stock saying, Ethical, Irreproachable, Highly respectable, Chalk talk, Sermon, Tenet, Warning piece, Right-minded, Clean, Principles, Mores, Tip-off, Incorruptible, Dictum, Teaching, Law-abiding, Threat, Ultimatum, Pure, Norm, Expression

How to use Moral in a sentence?

  1. Although it is important for any company to make a profit, it should not exceed the ethical limits.
  2. He was proud to be a man of high morals and ethics.
  3. The moral of the story is that you need to see the beauty of what you have.
  4. The ethical dimension of medical intervention.
  5. As a strong defender of good and evil, Michael follows strict moral code and knows to carry his bag right away. Have to return
  6. Corruption of public morality.
  7. Cheating in tests is one thing, but lying to a teacher is even worse, and none of that is moral.

Meaning of Moral & Moral Definition

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