Moondram Pirai Meaning

Moondram Pirai Meaning

What is Mondrum Pirai? ۔

Monderum Pirai is the name of a Tamil film. Pirai means the phase of the moon? Mondrum means third? This event is caused by the moon in Mondrum. What is the true meaning of mondrum? What exactly does gout mean? Mondrum, are the two words really together: moon and drum?

Mondram / Monram means third in Tamil.

The growing phase of piracy.

Monram Pirai means the third day of awakening after the new moon.

For example, you see that there is no moon on the day of the new moon and the day after tomorrow. But it will appear sometime on the third day.

There is no connection between Moon Drum and Moon because Moon is in English and Monram is in Tamil.

Also note that Moon Ram would be a great choice. R per ounce would be a little difficult.

Newton's Mondrum: Newton's Third Law.

Third: mu ®Â¿Ã®Â²Ã¯ÂŠÃ ®Â¿Ã®Â²Ã¯ÂŠÃ ¯à mu mu (muun Riloru)

Pirai: Maybe the crescent moon?

T. Mondrum means third.

Moondram Pirai Meaning