Monopolistic State Funds

Monopolistic State Funds,

What is The Meaning of Monopolistic State Funds?

  • Monopolistic State Funds means: Jurisdiction in which an employer must obtain compensation insurance for employees from a government fund or be eligible as an independent insurer (as permitted in both areas). This insurance is not subject to National Compensation Insurance Council (NCCI) procedures or programs. In contrast, each jurisdiction has its own rules and regulations for arbitration and management of business accident insurance. The following states / jurisdictions have monopoly funds: North Dakota, Ohio, Washington, Wyoming, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

  • States or jurisdictions for which employers must obtain state employee compensation insurance or be eligible as independent insurers, as permitted in five states: North Dakota, Ohio, Washington, West Virginia, Wyoming, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands

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  1. Investigating monopoly practices in supermarkets


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