Monopolistic Markets

Monopolistic Markets,

What is Monopolistic Markets?

  • Monopolistic Markets definition is: Monopoly market is an ideological condition that defines the market in which a company can offer products and services to the public. The monopoly market is the exact opposite of the competitive market in which an unlimited number of companies operate. In a pure monopoly model, monopolists can limit production, raise prices, and make higher-than-average profits in the long run.

    • Monopoly describes a market situation in which a company has full market share and can control prices and production.
    • Net monopolies are rare, but there are cases where a company has a majority stake and no-confidence laws apply.
    • Tobacco maker Ultra is overcoming a monopoly on the tobacco market.

Literal Meanings of Monopolistic Markets


Meanings of Monopolistic:
  1. Refers to a person or company that has exclusive ownership or control over the supply or trade of goods or services.

Sentences of Monopolistic
  1. Investigating monopoly practices in supermarkets


Meanings of Markets:
  1. Advertise or advertise (something)

  2. The area or environment in which business transactions take place.

Sentences of Markets
  1. They want to browse the market

  2. The UK market is in recession

Synonyms of Markets

offer for sale, merchandise, trade, vend, hawk, retail, put up for sale, peddle, sell