Monologue kills your social life. If no one asks, do not share the details of your life. Arouse interest and then share if they ask!

Monogueing basically occurs when someone has an individual conversation. Often a person is seen talking to himself, but only in front of other people. They are people who keep talking and forgetting that other person may not be interested in their conversation.

When we monologue people face-to-face, it takes people a step back and it undermines the purpose of the conversation. To facilitate a conversation, you must talk 50/50. Not everyone is talkative, but a lot of people will also be polite and allow you to speak even if you keep talking and never stop. Maybe they wanted to say something 30 seconds ago, but you kept on talking … for some reason.

Monologues are very frustrating when people want to talk too. Arouse interest, and talk only if they ask.

Watch out for it especially when talking to strangers.