Definition of Monograph:

  1. Minutes that are given in detail, but do not extend to a given topic, are often published or published in series. A good dissertation is called a thesis.

  2. Write a monograph on entertainment in a monograph.

  3. A detailed written study of a particular topic or aspect of it.

Synonyms of Monograph

Introductory study, Lucubration, Dissertation, Composition, Sketch, Preliminary study, Etude, Homily, Disquisition, Outline, Monograph, Essay, Examination, Excursus, Piece, Study, Paper, Assignment, Piece of writing, Treatment, Descant, Tract, Term paper, Disquisition, Note, Discussion, Paragraph, Prolegomenon, Treatise, Article, Causerie, First approach, Treatise, Dissertation, Theme, Feature, Tract, Morceau, Article, Discourse, Thesis, Exposition, Pandect, Paper, Tractate, Research paper, Thesis, Screed, Memoir, Special article, Survey, Study, Discourse, Text

How to use Monograph in a sentence?

  1. A series of monographs on music in the cities of the late medieval and Renaissance.
  2. Masoner made a factory monograph in 1826.

Meaning of Monograph & Monograph Definition