Definition of Monochrome:

  1. (of a photograph or picture, or a television screen) consisting of or displaying images in black and white or in varying tones of only one color.

  2. A photograph or picture developed or executed in black and white or in varying tones of only one color.

  3. Single color. Called black and white when a black print is made on white paper.

Synonyms of Monochrome

Boring, Monotonous, Dull, Deadly dull, Uninteresting, Unexciting, Unvaried, Unvarying, Lacking variety, Mind-numbing, Mindless, Soul-destroying, Soulless, Humdrum, Dreary, Ho-hum, Mundane, Wearisome, Wearying, Tiresome, Soporific, Dry, As dry as dust, Arid, Lifeless, Colourless, Monochrome, Uninspired, Uninspiring, Flat, Plodding, Slow, Banal, Vapid, Insipid, Bland, Lacklustre, Prosaic, Run-of-the-mill, Pedestrian, Jejune, Leaden, Heavy, Maxwell triangle, Munsell scale, Acrylic painting, Chromatic, Chromatic circle, Chromatic spectrum, Chromaticity diagram, Cold, Color circle, Color cycle, Color index, Color mixture curve, Color solid, Color spectrum, Color system, Color triangle, Colorific, Coloring, Complementary color, Cool, Demitint, Dichromatic, Encaustic cerography, Encaustic painting, Finger painting, Flower painting, Freehand, Fresco painting, Full color, Fundamental colors, Genre painting, Glowing, Gouache, Graphic, Grisaille, Half tint, Halftone, Harmonious, Hue cycle, Illumination, Illustration, Impasto, Many-colored, Matching, Medley, Metamer, Monochromatic, Monochromic, Motley, Mural painting, Oil painting, Painting, Painty, Parti-colored, Pastose, Photographic, Pictorial, Picturable, Pictural, Picturesque, Picturization, Pigmentary, Polychromatic, Polychrome, Portraiture, Poster painting, Primary, Primary color, Prismatic, Pure color, Rainbow, Scenographic, Scumbled, Secondary, Secondary color, Solar spectrum, Spectral, Spectral color, Spectrum, Spectrum color, Tertiary, Tertiary color, The brush, Tinctorial, Tingent, Toning, Variegated, Warm, Wash, Wash drawing, In credit, In funds, Debt-free, Out of debt, Solvent, Financially sound, Able to pay ones debts, Creditworthy, Of good financial standing, Solid, Secure, Profit-making, Profitable

How to use Monochrome in a sentence?

  1. Pioneering monochromes by Malevich, Rodchenko, Reinhardt, Klein and Ryman employ just one color, unlike many later examples that feature a dominant but not single hue.

Meaning of Monochrome & Monochrome Definition