Monkeys Are Taking Over The World

The Best Life Advice is to control your mind.

They who control their mind control the world.
In the beginning was the word and the word was spoken ( I am not religious ).
Everything in the universe began as a thought even you.

A car a building, a television, an aero plane, a trip to the moon all creation began as a thought in someone’s mind. So does it not make sense to control our thoughts then we control creation.
If we let our thoughts run wild like a pack of monkeys are we not allowing our lives to run on chaos ?
Leaving ourselves open to all sorts of trials and tribulations.

What Thoughts Do

Every single thought that enters our mind controls our emotions , feelings , and actions. Are we therefore then not acting on emotions rather than rationality ?

Is it not better to stand on the river bank and watch the river flow than to fall in and drown.
You cannot control the river flow by standing in the river you stand on the river bank and observe it.
Is it not better to control our thoughts and our actions for our own benefit than let them run wild like an uncontrollable pack of monkeys.

Final Thoughts

We are far superior than monkeys and yet we let them control us without a thought of the outcome.
We blame our lives on circumstances , bad luck , sickness ,birthplace, and many more things.
Where as if we simply took control of our thoughts then it would be internal things rather than external things that would decide our luck, our good fortune and ultimately our fate.
There is a very simple way to do this. Imagine always being happy, never being ill, always being abundant, getting the job that you desire.

I will give you the answer in the next topic.

Chris Smith. BA Hons.