Definition of Monitoring:

  1. Monitor ongoing activities to ensure performance targets are met.

  2. A flat warship was mounted on top of one or two heavy cannons for bombing.

  3. Television receivers are used in the studio to select or view images released by some cameras.

  4. Observe and analyze progress or quality (something) within a certain period of time and will continue to be monitored regularly.

  5. A device that constantly observes, examines, or records something.

  6. The tropical Old World lizard is large, with a long neck, narrow head, prickly tongue, strong claws and short body. Superintendents were thought to warn crocodiles.

  7. A student with a particular discipline or task.

Synonyms of Monitoring

Observance, Study, Keep under surveillance, Oversee, Qui vive, Note, Watch, Watch, Recorder, Custodianship, Mixing, Vigilance, Scanning, Prudence, Surveillance, Watchful eye, Watch and ward, Weather eye, Examine, Supervise, Invigilation, Guard, Scanner, Scan, Check, Shading, Keep an eye on, Superintend, Interlaced scanning, Praepostor, Vigil, Switching, Keep watch on, Televising, Observe, Lookout, Wariness, Track, Record, Peeled eye, Watching, Guardedness, Sharp eye, Keep track of, Keep a check on, Stewardship, Keep under observation, Prefect, Watchfulness, Eagle eye, Custody, Guardianship, Proctoring, Telecasting, Detector, Surveil

How to use Monitoring in a sentence?

  1. Devices have been installed to monitor air quality.
  2. The measured value can be displayed on a television screen or external monitor.
  3. Following the new team is very useful for us to assess the current level of organizational performance.
  4. As I searched for new books in the adult area, I realized the security of the library I cared for.
  5. A good example of this is the Savannah Monitor, an African monitor lizard that weighs about five kilograms and roams the area most of the day in search of delicious insects.
  6. Cardiac monitor.
  7. Our company guarantees the supply of quality products by carefully monitoring every stage of the manufacturing process on our assembly lines.
  8. She is a school teacher and choir member.

Meaning of Monitoring & Monitoring Definition

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