Definition of Monitor:

  1. A television receiver used in a studio to select or verify the picture being broadcast from a particular camera.

  2. A shallow-draft armored warship mounting one or two heavy guns for bombardment.

  3. An instrument or device used for observing, checking, or keeping a continuous record of a process or quantity.

  4. A large tropical Old World lizard with a long neck, narrow head, forked tongue, strong claws, and a short body. Monitors were formerly believed to give warning of crocodiles.

  5. To check, supervise, watch, or keep track of. In the context of an HACCP plan, the act of conducting a systematic and repeated sequence of measurements, or observations, of control parameters to assess whether a critical point is under control.

  6. Observe and check the progress or quality of (something) over a period of time; keep under systematic review.

  7. A student with disciplinary or other special duties during school hours.

Synonyms of Monitor

Observe, Watch, Keep an eye on, Keep track of, Track, Keep under observation, Keep watch on, Keep under surveillance, Surveil, Check, Keep a check on, Scan, Examine, Study, Record, Note, Oversee, Supervise, Superintend, Detector, Scanner, Recorder, Prefect, Praepostor, ARRL, Big Brother, CRT, Cassandra, Dutch uncle, Jeremiah, Polonius, TV man, Admonisher, Adviser, Amateur radio operator, Announcer, Annunciator, Apprentice teacher, Audit, Auditor, Authority, Autodidact, Autopsy, Backseat driver, Boatswain, Boss, Buttinsky, Cameraman, Canvass, Cautioner, Channel, Check, Check out, Check over, Check up on, Chief, Communicant, Communicator, Comptroller, Confidant, Consultant, Control engineer, Controller, Counsel, Counselor, Custodian, Display, Educatee, Enlightener, Examine, Expert, Expert witness, Flagman, Floor manager, Floorman, Floorwalker, Follow, Foreman, Gaffer, Ganger, Give an examination, Go over, Gossipmonger, Graduate assistant, Grapevine, Guard, Guardian, Guide, Ham, Head, Headman, Informant, Information center, Information medium, Informer, Inquirer, Inspect, Inspector, Instructor, Intern, Interviewee, Keep track of, Kibitzer, Learner, Lighthouse keeper, Look at, Look over, Lookout, Lookout man, Meddler, Mentor, Mixer, Mouthpiece, Nestor, Newsmonger, Noncommissioned officer, Notifier, Observe, Orienter, Overhaul, Overlook, Overman, Oversee, Overseer, Paraprofessional, Pass over, Pass under review, Peer at, Peruse, Pore over, Postmortem, Practice teacher, Praepostor, Preceptist, Prefect, Press, Proctor, Prophet of doom, Public relations officer, Publisher, Pupil, Pupil teacher, Radio, Radio electrician, Radio engineer, Radio operator, Radio technician, Radioman, Radiotelegrapher, Radiotrician, Record, Reporter, Review, Run over, Scan, Scholar, Scrutinize, Self-taught person, Sentinel, Sentry, Set an examination, Signaler, Signalman, Sirdar, Size, Size up, Slave driver, Source, Spokesman, Straw boss, Student, Student assistant, Studier, Study, Subforeman, Super, Superintend, Superintendent, Supervise, Supervisor, Survey, Surveyor, Take stock of, Take the measure, Taskmaster, Teacher, Teaching assistant, Teaching fellow, Teaching intern, Television, Television technician, Teller, Tipster, Tout, Trace, Track, Trainee, Vet, Visitor, Warner, Watch, Watchdog, Witness

How to use Monitor in a sentence?

  1. My boss once told me that they key to a successful business is a supervisor who frequently monitor s the work of his or her employees.
  2. The heart monitor in the nurses station kept going off for the patient in the intensive care unit as his blood pressure kept rising and falling unpredictably.
  3. Show the hall monitor your pass.
  4. A good example is the savannah monitor, an African monitor lizard weighing about ten pounds, which spends most of its day patrolling its territory for tasty insects.
  5. Equipment was installed to monitor air quality.
  6. A heart monitor.
  7. The kindergarten teacher was hard at work introducing a new lesson to all the children, so it was the assistants job to monitor the class and make sure everything was going smoothly.
  8. The playback can be displayed on an external television screen or monitor.

Meaning of Monitor & Monitor Definition