Money market

Money market,

Definition of Money market:

  1. Network of banks, discount houses, institutional investors, and money dealers who borrow and lend among themselves for the short-term (typically 90 days). Money markets also trade in highly liquid financial instruments with maturities less than 90 days to one year (such as bankers acceptance, certificates of deposit, and commercial paper), and government securities with maturities less than three years (such as treasury bills), foreign exchange, and bullion. Unlike organized markets (such as stock exchanges) money markets are largely unregulated and informal where most transactions are conducted over phone, fax, or online. Long-term borrowing and lending markets are called capital markets.

  2. The trade in short-term loans between banks and other financial institutions.

Synonyms of Money market

Stock exchange, Money market, Bourse

How to use Money market in a sentence?

  1. Money market securities are attractive to me but the best part of this is the variety of products I have to chose from.
  2. Benjamin had enjoyed some investment success here and there, but knew he needed some money market experience to turn a profit that would mean something.
  3. Despite the interest rate being a little lower, I chose to deposit my inheritance in a money market account instead of my current savings account because I was able to withdraw it more easily.
  4. The fluctuations of the money market.

Meaning of Money market & Money market Definition

Money Market,

Money Market:

The definition of Money Market is: Money market refers to the trade of short-term debt instruments. In wholesale, there is extensive exchange between agencies and sellers. In retail, this includes money market mutual funds acquired by retail investors and money market accounts opened by bank customers.

  • Money markets sell a large number of short-term debt securities, such as overnight cash reserves or bonds.
  • One can invest in money market by buying funds in the money market, treasury records or money market account in a bank.
  • Investments in the money market are characterized by security and liquidity, and there is a dollar target in money market funds.

Definition of Money Market: Current debt market equipment.

Literal Meanings of Money Market


Meanings of Money:
  1. The current means of exchange simultaneously takes the form of coins and banknotes, coins and banknotes.

Synonyms of Money

ready money, cash, hard cash


Meanings of Market:
  1. Regular meetings of people to buy and sell food, livestock and other products.

  2. An area or environment in which business transactions take place.

  3. Advertise or promote (some)

Sentences of Market
  1. Farmers went to the market

  2. Job vacancies market

  3. This product is marketed under the name "Aspirin".

Synonyms of Market

hawk, vend, sell, put up for sale, peddle, offer for sale, merchandise, retail, trade