Money Market Fund

Money Market Fund,

Money Market Fund:

  • Meaning of Money Market Fund: Money market mutual funds are a type of mutual fund that invests in short-term highly liquid instruments. These instruments include cash, cash equivalents and high-quality short-term debt securities such as US Treasury bonds. Money market mutual funds are designed to offer investors high discounts with minimal risk. Money market mutual funds are also called money market mutual funds.

    • Money Market Mutual Fund is a type of mutual fund that invests in high quality short term debt, cash and cash equity.
    • Although not as secure as money, money market mutual funds are considered to be very low risk when it comes to investing.
    • Money market mutual funds generate income (taxable or non-taxable, depending on the portfolio) but there is a slight increase in capital.
    • Money market funds should be used as a place to temporarily keep cash before investing elsewhere or before cash is already out. They are not suitable for long term investment.

  • The least risky type of mutual fund that invests in bonds, transferable certificates, and similar short-term investments.

  • A variable equity mutual fund that invests in government bonds such as short-term debt and money market instruments, and pays money market interest. Money market mutual funds usually offer the privilege of writing checks. You do not have FDIC insurance.

  • Mutual funds that invest in high quality short-term fixed income securities. Money market mutual funds aim to earn high returns with capital protection. In other words, they are trying to keep the stock price stable.

  • Meaning of Money Market Fund: Short-term mutual funds. They are valued in value and therefore do not fluctuate in face value. The current short-term interest rate varies with the interest paid. Mutual funds refer to those who invest only in money market instruments. (Definition of Watchtower Wealth Management).

  • Money Market Fund can be defined as, Mutual funds that invest in cash and cash equity. It typically has a stable NAV of $ 1 per share and a variable rate of return. They are not insured by the federation, but the short-term nature of private investment and insurance makes them very secure. Profits are paid regularly and are automatically invested in other shares. These funds are available from banks, mutual fund companies and brokers and are used as a convenient place to park and earn interest (actually profits, as mentioned above). Most mutual funds and brokerage accounts have a linked money market fund account. Money market mutual funds are tax-exempt. The cash / margin account balance generated from the transaction and distribution is transferred to the Money Market Fund on a daily basis. View account.

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  1. A common medium of exchange in the form of coins and notes.

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cash, ready money, hard cash


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  1. Advertise or advertise (something)

  2. The area or environment where the business takes place

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  1. The World Bank refused to finance the project

  2. Created Economic Investment Coordination Fund

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put up the money for, support, finance, be a patron of, maintain, endow, kitty, sponsor, capitalize, pay for, provide finance for, back, pool, underwrite, provide capital for, collection, float, subsidize, purse, reserve