Money Management

Money Management,

Money Management Meanings:

  1. Money management is the process of budgeting, saving, investing, spending, or monitoring the use of capital by individuals or groups. The term is mainly used by financial market investment professionals who make investment decisions for large pools of funds such as mutual funds or pension schemes. Money management can also be more accurately described as investment management and portfolio management.

    • Money management usually means spending on budgets, investments, savings and finances.
    • Financial advisors and personal finance apps are growing in popularity to help people better manage their money.
    • Sometimes, financial management is associated with more assets or portfolio management.

Literal Meanings of Money Management


Meanings of Money:
  1. The current means of exchange simultaneously takes the form of coins and banknotes, coins and banknotes.

Synonyms of Money

cash, ready money, hard cash


Meanings of Management:
  1. The act of handling or controlling an object or person.

  2. To deceive.

Sentences of Management
  1. Herd management

Synonyms of Management

lying, administration, management, deception, duplicity, supervision, falsity, deceit, running, control, direction, falsehood, falseness, governing, untruthfulness