Monetary Threshold

Monetary Threshold,

Monetary Threshold Definition:

  1. Monetary Threshold can be defined as, In loss-free auto insurance, a limit is based on the degree of injury of the individual (measured in dollars in medical expenses) which must be met before a lawsuit can be filed against the negligent party. Compare verbal limit and complaint limit.

Literal Meanings of Monetary Threshold


Meanings of Monetary:
  1. In terms of money or currency.

Sentences of Monetary
  1. Documents of small or no financial value

Synonyms of Monetary

financial, fiscal, cash, economic, money, capital, pecuniary, budgetary


Meanings of Threshold:
  1. A piece of wood, metal or stone that forms under a door and as it enters a house or room.

  2. The amount or intensity that must be exceeded in order for a particular reaction, tendency, result or situation to appear or appear.

Sentences of Threshold
  1. I stand at the door of Sheila's bedroom

  2. Nothing happens until the signal crosses the threshold

Synonyms of Threshold

door, portal, gate, sill, approach, doorway, gateway, doorsill, entrance, doorstep, entry, way in